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Best attorney in Tacoma. I hired Scott to get an old charge cleared off my record. Within one month, Scott had cleared my record and restored my gun rights. I’d waited over 20 years for this to happen and Scott did it in one month! I know have a clean criminal record and a concealed carry permit. This would have never happened if I didn’t hire Scott. Thanks Scott.
T.T., Tacoma, WA

 Great attorney! I was charged with a DUI in Lakewood Municipal Court and Scott got the case dismissed based on my illegal arrest. I first hired Scott after seeing his ad in the yellow pages. I’m so lucky I did. When I was later charged with a DUI, Scott was my first and only choice. Scott was able to stop the DOL from suspending my license, and he also convinced the court to dismiss my case. If you want an honest attorney who will fight for you. Go get Scott.
B.T., Lakewood, WA

 Scott handled my husband’s case like a true professional! He was a wonderful attorney to work with. Being as my husband is a Disabled Army Veteran, it was important that we keep a felony off of his record. Scott actually got the charge completely dismissed! And he worked out a payment plan that allowed us to afford an attorney of his caliber, which we didn’t think was possible! Thanks Scott!!
A.P., Tacoma, WA

 I appreciated the time Mr. Moriarty took to answer my questions about a speeding ticket and traffic violation, and how to proceed ahead with defending my case. Personable and easy to talk to. Thank you.
A.C., Tacoma, WA

Scott my family’s attorney for years. He has successfully kept my youngest son out of trouble more times than I care to admit. He has always been honest and straight forward with us. I cannot recommend him enough. The best money I’ve spent was hiring him as an attorney
J.D., Tacoma, WA

Scott helped me on a DUI and a bogus domestic violence case. The domestic violence case was dismissed and he was able to get the DUI reduced. I was referred to him by a trusted friend and have since referred all my friends to him. Scott’s not interested in making a name for himself or making headlines. He just works hard for his client’s and gets results. If I need an attorney, Scott’s my guy.
M.G., Port Orchard, WA

 Scott got me a great result. I was facing a considerable sentence and throughout my ordeal Scott kept me well informed. He did not sugar coat it, instead he leveled with me and let me know my options. I felt in control as much as a guy in my situation could. Scott is smart and does not put on all those bs theatrics that some criminal defense attorneys use. I would highly recommend Scott to any of my friends who need a criminal defense attorney and I know who I will call if I ever get into trouble again and need an attorney.
D.S., Puyallup, WA