Speeding Ticket-Do I need an Attorney?

Scott Moriarity

People ask me this question all the time and there is only one answer.  “Yes!”

If you want to keep a speeding ticket off your driving record, yes you should hire a speeding ticket attorney.  When you are given a speeding ticket you are given three choices by the court.  The first is to pay the ticket and the ticket goes on your record.  The second is to ask for a mitigation hearing where you admit you did it and ask to lower the financial penalty.  Again, the speeding ticket will go on your record.  The third and only choice you should select is for a contested hearing.  That is were you need an attorney.

A contested hearing for a speeding ticket is a court hearing in front of a judge where the rule of evidence apply.  A successful speeding ticket attorney can use those rules of evidence in your favor.  Very rarely if ever will a court take your word over the officer’s.  Unless you are trained in the rules of evidence and the proper court procedures and protocols, you should hire an attorney.

With an experience speeding ticket attorney, you gain a number of advantages.  First, you don’t have to go to court.  You attorney will appear for you.  Second, your speeding ticket attorney will use the rules of evidence to throw out the officers evidence.  Third, an experienced speeding ticket attorney will explain to the court when the officer does not follow the proper procedures and protocols in handling your case.

If you want to keep a speeding ticket off your record, give me a call at 253-830-5848 and we can talk about how I can help you keep the ticket off your record.