Gun Restoration in Washington State.

Scott Moriarity

Not a day goes by where I don’t get a call from somebody who wants to have his or her gun rights restored.  So I thought I would address some of the basics.

Getting your gun rights restored in Washington State can be frustrating and complicated.  Once your gun rights are taken away from you, they are not restored until you receive a Superior Court court order restoring your rights.  It doesn’t matter if your conviction was as an adult or a juvenile.  If you have a conviction vacated or taken off your record, that’s great, but it will not restore your gun rights.  Gun restoration is a completely separate process with its own laws and procedures.

Additionally, even if you case was dismissed you still might not be able to possess a firearm.  Many cases are dismissed after a deferred sentence or a stipulated order of continuance.  While the charge is dismissed, law enforcement will consider any type of dismissal that follows a term of probation as a “conviction” for purposes of possessing a firearm.  So while your case was dismissed, your gun rights were still taken away!

If you would like to have your gun rights restored or if you would like to ask questions about gun restoration, give me a call at (253) 830-5848.