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Where are you located, and what areas do you serve?
A. We are located at 215 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, Washington and proudly serve Tacoma Municipal Court, Puyallup Municipal Court, Gig Harbor Municipal Court, Lakewood Municipal Court, Pierce County District Court, Pierce County Superior Court, all courts in Pierce County, King County, Kitsap County and Thurston County. 
Am I looking at jail time if convicted of a DUI? Even if its my first one?
A. The short answer is yes.  DUI laws are strictly enforced in Tacoma and Washington State.  The court is required to impose a mandatory one day in jail for a first time conviction of DUI.  The mandatory jail time increases substantially if a person has a prior DUI conviction.  An experienced and knowledgable DUI attorney can help avoid the mandatory one day in jail by having the charge reduced or dismissed. To speak with an experience DUI attorney, call for an initial free consultation.  
If I'm stopped for Driving Under the Influence, do I have to do field sobriety tests? What about a portable breath test?
A. If stopped for DUI in Tacoma or Pierce County, the police officer will ask you to conduct voluntary field sobriety tests.  Its critical to remember that these tests are voluntary and you are well within your rights to refuse these tests.  You should never agree to conduct these tests.  You should politely inform the officer that you will not perform these tests.  If asked to perform a portable breath test, you should also politely refuse.  Why?  First, these roadside tests are used by police to gather evidence against you and to help them justify an arrest for a DUI.  The tests are not conducted to help you.  They are conducted to help the police.  Additionally, the field sobriety tests are completely subjective.  No matter how well you perform, if the officer thinks you failed, then you failed.  Finally, the officer cannot suspend your license or legally arrest you for refusing these voluntary tests.  To speak to a Tacoma DUI attorney, call for an initial free consultation.
I got a speeding ticket or other traffic infraction, should I fight it? Do I need an attorney?
A. Yes you should fight any speeding ticket or other traffic infraction.  By paying the ticket, the infraction will go on your driving record and will cause your insurance to increase.  To successfully defend yourself against a speeding ticket you should hire a speeding ticket attorney.  These type of traffic infractions are not won by telling the judge your story.  A speeding ticket attorney can win the case by knowing the court rules and finding the technical errors the officer made.  If you have a speeding ticket or traffic infraction that you don’t want on your driving record give our office a call to speak to a speeding ticket attorney.