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Most people are concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney when they are facing DUI or other criminal charges. Without reviewing your specific case, it is impossible for any attorney to know how time consuming and complicated your case could be. Fees are based on the charges, the stage of the case, and the complexity of the case.  A DUI may cost more than a Speeding Ticket, but less than a Felony Drug Charge. To get a free quote, please contact the Law Office of Scott Moriarity to talk to an attorney.

The fees at the Law Office of Scott Moriarity are flat rate fees. This means that the charged amount will be specific at the onset of my representation. There will not be any additional fees charged.  Unlike some attorneys, I don’t charge you extra to file motions or fight your case all the way through a jury trial.  You will not be billed fees for returning phone calls, faxes or making copies.

Cash, checks and all major credit cards are accepted.