Washington State’s DUI laws are some of the harshest in the United States. For even a first offense, you are looking at mandatory jail time, a long driver’s license suspension, expensive fines, mandatory ignition interlock devise, and potentially court ordered treatment. These mandatory penalties are even more severe than for some felony offenses. http://www.courts.wa.gov/newsinfo/content/duigrid/DUIGrid_092011.pdf To successfully avoid these severe penalties, you need an experienced DUI attorney.

In addition to these court-mandated penalties, the Department of Licensing will attempt to suspend your license. This suspension is in addition to any suspension the Court may impose. You are entitled to a hearing to challenge the suspension of your license, however you must request a hearing within 20 days of your arrest.  https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/hrpo/ To be represented in a DOL hearing, you must retain your own DUI attorney.

In addition to these mandatory penalties, you may see consequences in your day-to-day life. It is possible that you could lose your job and have trouble finding future employment. Your insurance premiums will go up and you may be ordered to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. If you are a repeat offender, your DUI may be considered a felony.

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