Drug Charges

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A felony drug conviction can involve jail, probation, fines and mandatory treatment. In addition, felony drug convictions may affect your ability to get student loans, find housing or obtain employment. Felony drug convictions will prohibit possession of a firearm and often involve mandatory prison sentences.

It is important to contact an drug defense attorney as soon as you are contacted by law enforcement. As soon as you are stopped, police are gathering evidence against you. Often, in drug cases, the police will request for consent to search your car or house. You should never consent; if the police have enough evidence to search, they should get a warrant. Also, you should not speak with the police without consulting an attorney. If police contact you, you should immediately request an attorney.

Scott Moriarity has successfully defended clients charged with drug offenses in Federal, State and Municipal courts. If charged with a drug crime, you should hire an experienced and aggressive drug attorney like Scott to fight your case.