Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence or D.V. charges are some of the most complex and difficult cases somebody can face. A “domestic violence offense” is a criminal charge where the alleged victim is related to, was married to, dated or lived with the person charged. This can include parents, children and even roommates. To successfully defend against a D.V. case, you should hire an experienced D.V. defense attorney.

A Domestic Violence conviction carries with it significantly more consequences than just jail and fines. In addition to jail, the court may require you to enroll in a one-year domestic violence treatment program. A domestic violence conviction can result in a lifetime prohibition against possessing firearms. Additionally, a domestic violence conviction will likely result in a no-contact order between the alleged victim and the person charged.

It’s important to have an experienced domestic violence attorney who handles domestic violence cases in Tacoma and who will fight for you. Scott Moriarity has been helping those charged with Domestic Violence offenses since 1999. He knows how to find holes in the prosecutor’s case either to negotiate a reduction or to fight the charges at trial. If you or a loved one is charged with a domestic violence charge, contact Scott for a free consultation to discuss your case with an experienced domestic violence defense attorney.